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Two Rooks Mate About Us

About Us

Two Rooks Mate was born out of a desire by two long-time collaborators to steer their own creative development through the cultivation of their own original and authentic works.   We strive to create drama that not only engages and entertains the audience, but also challenges and provokes conversations.  We believe in the power of simple story telling to encourage empathy and foster understanding of our shared existence. Furthermore, we are committed to nurturing new talent and we strive to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming creative environment.

Two Rooks Mate, Derek Masterson


Derek Masterson

Derek is an Award-Winning Irish Playwright, Screenwriter and Poet who has written thirteen staged productions to date, including, critically acclaimed “Bound”, “Angel”, “A Nice Bed to Die In”, “A Mother’s Love” and the hugely popular “Queens of Pimlico” all of which played to sell out audiences throughout some of Dublin’s most popular theatres. His plays “My Second Self” and “Two Sides of a Coin” were selected to be a part of the 2013 and 2014 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Derek has had short pieces staged in New York City as part of The Break Away Project’s “Creating Connectivity” ; been selected for The New Theatre’s New Writing Week in 2013 and 2015 ; partook in the “spcedLIMERICK” collaborative ; commissioned by and acted as a script doctor for other theatre companies, and was selected for Dublin Theatre Festivals “Play On” initiative in 2013.

His collaborative short documentary “Visionaries” about visually impaired musicians (funded by Galway Film Centre and Galway County Council) was screened at The 23rd Chicago Irish Film Festival, Irish Film London: St. Patrick’s Festival and Fastnet Film Festival 2022, to name a few.


He is currently In-House Writer for Clap ‘n Load Studios and Script Writer for Creative Others.  


My Second Self 2013.jpg
My Second Self


A Mother's Love.jpg
A Mother's Love


Two Sides of a Coin 2014.jpg
Two Sides of a Coin


Two Rooks Mate, Barry Roe


Barry Roe

Barry Roe is something of a renaissance man: Actor, Producer, Personal Trainer and Sports Science Lecturer with a background in Marketing, Finance and Media Operations Management. 


Acting has always been a passion of Barry's and since initially graduating from Gaiety School of Acting in 2010, he has worked extensively in the worlds of theatre, television and film.  A talented character actor capable of playing a variety of diverse roles on screen has seen him play an MI5 Spy in ITV's series "Foyle War", a Thespin Soldier in Apple TV+'s Sci-fi series "Foundation", and most recently, the lead role in Clap 'n Load Studios' upcoming short film "The Black Keys", where he played the film's protagonist "Fiachra", a visually impaired pianist. His performance as "Kenneth Wright" in John Kelly's short film "Masquerade" saw him take home "Best Actor in an Independent Film" from the LA Film Awards (July 2021). Theatre credits to date include the lead roles of "Paul" in Derek Masterson's "My Second Self" and "Christian" in David Eldridge's "Festen". 

Although initial foray into theatre was as an actor, his previous finance, marketing and media operations experience immediately lent itself to the production side of theatre. He secured the licensing rights for 'Dizzy Tails' amateur production company to perform David Eldridge's much sought after play "Festen" (directed by James Power) in 2013. Soon after he went on to work with prodigious No Tears Productions as a Producer, bringing many of their productions to life, including "A Mother's Love" and "My Second Self". In 2022 Barry served as Executive Producer with the Award-Winning Clap n’ Load Studios on their short film "The Black Keys".

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